Todd Richter

H E L L O 

After 6 years in the UK, I moved from Edinburgh, Scotland to Tallinn, Estonia to start a film production company called Pensive Pictures with my wife and two amazing friends. If you like my work, please check us out.

I have been shooting film and digital photography for 15 years, originally specializing in live events such as weddings, concerts, and theater, and working with artists to promote their work in magazines, as album covers, film posters, and more. 

In 2017, I was invited to shoot behind the scenes for a short film and I instantly fell in love with this weird and wonderful niche of photography.

I am available for photography projects in Tallinn, all over the Baltics and the wider EU. My bread and butter is working on film sets, shooting BTS and promotional stills, but if you are in need of some shots for your startup/band/improv group etc, or want to collaborate on something conceptual, you can use my quaint little contact form here or reach out directly.


Mobile: +372-5302-9290